Why Is Some Alcohol & Liquor Called Spirits?

bartender making drinks

If you’ve been a part of bar culture for any time at all, then you likely already know that sometimes various alcohols and liquors are referred to as ‘spirits.’ In the name of saving space in our navigation bar, we even lump them all together with this catch-all term. But can alcohol and liquor really … Read more

Coconut Vodka Brands You Must Try!

home bartender making vodka cocktails

If you’re like me, then you enjoy your cocktails with a bit of an island vibe. While rum is often the go-to spirit for drinks with a tropical vibe, you can use vodka when you’re pouring the right flavor. That’s where coconut vodka really shines when you’re making tropical themed drinks. Not all brands make … Read more

How Hot Is Nespresso Water?

nespresso machine descaling

Whether you’re curious about the temperature of your Nespresso coffee, or just want to use your machine to make hot water for tea or something else, it’s good to know just how hot that water is that it produces. You might be surprised by the temperature of Nespresso water. The brewing temperature inside a Nespresso machine … Read more

Nespresso Not Hot Enough? (SOLVED!)

nespresso machine

As any coffee drinker knows, there’s nothing quite as disappointing as getting a fresh cup of coffee and taking that first sip only to discover that it is not hot enough. This can even happen at home when you make coffee or espresso with your Nespresso machine. The truth is that Nespresso machines make coffee … Read more

Are Nespresso Pods Safe? Any Health Risk? [SOLVED]

closeup of nespresso pods

If you’re health conscious and worry about things like product packaging, then you may want to know if Nespresso pods pose any health risk or if they’re safe. Yes, Nespresso pods seem to be safe, but below we’ll cover any potential health risks you may want to consider. After all, Nespresso pods are made of … Read more

Calories In Nespresso Pods [SOLVED]

nespresso pods

If you’re a calorie counter, then you may be curious just how many calories you get from your daily Nespresso habit. How many calories does a Nespresso capsule contain? Nespresso pods have between 0.6 calories and 1 calorie per Nespresso capsule, and flavored Nespresso pods have an average of 5 calories per capsule. Of course, … Read more

How Much Caffeine Is In A Nespresso Pod?

nespresso pods

Whether you’re looking to control your daily caffeine consumption, or just curious about the amount of caffeine you drink with your daily Nespresso habit, we can help you out. On average, each standard Nespresso pod has 60-75mg of caffeine, while the Nespresso Lungo pods have 80-140mg of caffeine. Below we’ll give you a bit more … Read more