Ninja CFP301 vs CFP305: Which Coffee Maker Is Best for You?

Ninja CFP301 DualBrew Pro

If you’re lookin’ for a new coffee maker, you might have stumbled upon the Ninja CFP301 and Ninha CFP305 as two great options. These bad boys are two fan-favorite models from the Ninja brand, known for their versatile features and ability to satisfy different java cravings. But which is the better coffee maker? We’re gonna … Read more

Nespresso Vertuoline Third Party Capsules: Best Nespresso Vertuoline Compatible Pods

closeup of nespresso pods

Wanna explore a world of coffee possibilities beyond the official Nespresso range of coffee pods? Prepare to be amazed by the exciting realm of third-party Nespresso VertuoLine capsules! We’ve got some favorite third party Nespresso Vertuoline compatible capsules that we wanna tell you about before you make that next cuppa. In this article, we’ll guide … Read more

The Right Espresso Scale for Every Budget (2023)

barista using coffee scale

Making espresso demands consistency and accuracy, and if you’re making espresso at home or behind the bar, you know how important these factors are as well as having the best espresso scale possible. Weighing your shots is key to making great espresso day after day. If you’re just measuring by volume (e.g., 1 tablespoon), the … Read more

Find the Right Milk Frother: Buying Guide (2023)

pouring milk froth mini

All milk frothers basically do the same thing (aerating milk by quickly stirring it up to bring as much air into the mixture as possible). The frothers give the liquid a light texture and give it a lot more volume as well. This can make cappuccinos and other popular coffee-based beverage a lot more mild … Read more