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The Beer Shotgun Tools You Didn’t Know You Needed

We all know how to shotgun a beer, right? It’s basically a rite of passage.

You just turn that beer can sideways and pop a hole in it with your keys, right?

Then, you imbibe that beer like a beast – but did you know that there are better ways to do it?

You can literally buy beer shotgun tools that elevate your entire beer shotgunning experience.

Ready to take it to the next level?

What Tool Is Used To Shotgun Beer?

If you’ve ever been at a cookout, party, or tailgating with the boys, then you already know what the mostly commonly used tool to shotgun beer is.

A key from your keyring is the most commonly used tool to shotgun beer.

But that’s so primitive!

If you want to shotgun a beer cleanly, then you need to get yourself a dedicated tool for the job that is NOT one of your keys.

Let us help with the recommendations below.

Best Shotgun Tools For Beer Chugging

Here’s a quick look at the shotgun tools that we recommend before your next party, cookout, or tailgating experience.

1. GoPong Ultimate Beer Shotgun Opener

What better brand to get your shotgun tool from than the people behind beer pong tables.

This basic beer shotgun tool comes in a pack of 10, so you can have some spares and give a few to your buddies.

It makes the perfect whole in the beer can every single time for a clean shotgun.

And, it’s so durable that it holds up for repetitive shotguns.

GoPong Ultimate Beer Shotgun Opener

Best of all, it’s so compact that it just fits right onto your keychain so that you’re never without it.

And as a bonus, it also works as a bottle opener and a can tab opener.

2. Bear Claw Shotgun Tool and Bottle Opener

If you want to get a shotgun tool that looks a bit classier than the GoPong option above, and something that isn’t made of plastic, then this is a great option.

I love the rugged look you get with this one since it features the bear claw image on the side.

What’s cool about this premium shotgun tool is that while it does fit on your keychain, it also comes with a nice carrying case.

You’ll find that it punches perfect holes into beer cans for shotgunning, and that it also works as a regular bottle opener.

Bear Claw Shotgun Tool and Bottle Opener

This shotgun tool has tough zinc construction that is alloyed for added strength and premium nickel plating for durability and shine.

It’s rugged, yet small enough to easily carry in your pocket.

They boys are definitely going to be jealous when you pull out this shotgun tool.

3. BeerShark Shotgun Tool

My favorite thing about this 4-in-1 beer opening tool is that it is MADE IN THE USA.

Plus, it has this really cool shark design, which people always love when I pull it out when tailgating.

It is made of rust-proof, durable, light-weight aluminum and is 100% recyclable, if that matters to you. (Not that you’d ever want to recycle the best beer shotgun tool you’ll ever own.)

Easily prep your next beverage to vent or shotgun with the BeerShark to avoid using knives and screwdrivers.

BeerShark - Shotgun Tool, Bottle Opener Keychain and Beer Can Opener, Black, Made in the USA

It is truly an All In One Beer Tool – A shotgun tool, bottle opener and beer can opener.

Add it to a keychain or tether it to a cooler for a BBQ, party, tailgate, beach or camping trip.

4. Chug N’ Plug Portable Shotgun Tool

While admittedly not for everyone, I think this Chug N’ Plug option is pretty interesting if you’re really focused on clean shotgunning.

Though, if your friends are like mine, then they’re gonna laugh when they see you pull this thing out.

Like all the shotgun tools listed above, this one can be added to your keychain if you want to always have it with you.

And it does come in a pack of four, which means you have some extras in case you lose it or you can just give them out to your buddies.

The Chug N Plug is a portable shotgun tool which can easily be removed from the cap allowing for a quick and easy chug.

Chug N' Plug - Portable Shotgun Tool Keychain

Securing and fastening into place, the Chug n’ Plug pushes through the side of a beer can with ease.

Once in place, you can put your mouth to the opening, crack open the can, and start chugging.

Thanks to the holes along the side, the Chug n’ Plug provides a steady and predictable flow of tasty beverage.

Because the Chug n’ Plug is a removable keychain, it’s always on you when you need it.

Whether you’re at the bar, a party, or a backyard BBQ!

With this one of a kind keychain you can take the party wherever you go!

5. Metal Shotgun Bottle Opener

If you want a shotgun tool that is just basic and super durable, then look no further than this one.

Made of stainless steel, the Metal Shotgun Bottle Opener is durable and high quality without needing to look fancy.

It is a 4-in-1 combo tool – Shotgun beer opener, bottle opener, can tab opener and key chain.

At the end of the day, this shotgun tool is not fancy, but it gets the job done.

And it’s got that classic look that fits in at any event or occasion.

Pro Tip: How To Avoid The Beer Exploding In Your Face When You Pierce The Can

The key is to tilt the top of the can toward the ground so the bottom of the can is facing up when you’re shotgunning a beer.

This makes an air pocket where you will pierce the can.

If you do it correctly, you will pierce the can exactly where the air pocket is which will prevent any beer from shooting out.

Final Word

Instead of using your dirty keys or a pocket knife to shotgun a beer, level up to a proper beer shotgun tool.

You’ll get the perfect puncture every single time with one of these, and you’ll not longer have to worry about those jagged holes you get when using your keys or a pocket knife.

These are the right tools for the serious beer shotgunner.

top image: Peter Kazanjy, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

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