Pump vs. Steam Espresso Machine

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Are you wondering what’s the difference between a pump and a steam espresso machine? Perhaps you want to buy one, but you are unsure which one will be perfect for your home or office setting? This article compares the two and weighs the pros and cons of using each. After reading it, you will make a distinction, … Read more

What Are Coffee Syrups?

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While black coffee is the go-to choice of several coffee enthusiasts, many coffee lovers enjoy coffee better with extra flavor.  If you want to jazz your coffee up, coffee syrups might be your best choice. Put simply, coffee syrups are concentrated coffee flavors for flavoring your coffee. These syrups are available at your local grocery, … Read more

How Hot Is Nespresso Water?

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Whether you’re curious about the temperature of your Nespresso coffee, or just want to use your machine to make hot water for tea or something else, it’s good to know just how hot that water is that it produces. You might be surprised by the temperature of Nespresso water. The brewing temperature inside a Nespresso machine … Read more

Nespresso Not Hot Enough? (SOLVED!)

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As any coffee drinker knows, there’s nothing quite as disappointing as getting a fresh cup of coffee and taking that first sip only to discover that it is not hot enough. This can even happen at home when you make coffee or espresso with your Nespresso machine. The truth is that Nespresso machines make coffee … Read more

Are Nespresso Pods Safe? Any Health Risk? [SOLVED]

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If you’re health conscious and worry about things like product packaging, then you may want to know if Nespresso pods pose any health risk or if they’re safe. Yes, Nespresso pods seem to be safe, but below we’ll cover any potential health risks you may want to consider. After all, Nespresso pods are made of … Read more

Calories In Nespresso Pods [SOLVED]

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If you’re a calorie counter, then you may be curious just how many calories you get from your daily Nespresso habit. How many calories does a Nespresso capsule contain? Nespresso pods have between 0.6 calories and 1 calorie per Nespresso capsule, and flavored Nespresso pods have an average of 5 calories per capsule. Of course, … Read more

How Much Caffeine Is In A Nespresso Pod?

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Whether you’re looking to control your daily caffeine consumption, or just curious about the amount of caffeine you drink with your daily Nespresso habit, we can help you out. On average, each standard Nespresso pod has 60-75mg of caffeine, while the Nespresso Lungo pods have 80-140mg of caffeine. Below we’ll give you a bit more … Read more

Why Does French Press Coffee Have A Grainy Sediment?

french press coffee

Have you had a French Press coffee and noticed tiny ground particles that don’t dissolve? If you’re most coffee lovers, you will find these excess sediments quite irritating. Personally, we refer to is as “coffee sludge” in my household. If this sediment is ending up in your cuppa, it sometimes make it nearly impossible for you to … Read more

Are Coffee Beans Actually Beans?

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Are you one of the people who think coffee beans are real beans? You’re not alone. Most people often confuse coffee beans with real beans, although the two are not the same. You’ll be surprised to know that, no, coffee beans are not actual beans. And in this article, you’ll learn a thing or two about coffee beans and … Read more