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Are Nespresso Pods Safe? Any Health Risk? [SOLVED]

If you’re health conscious and worry about things like product packaging, then you may want to know if Nespresso pods pose any health risk or if they’re safe.

Yes, Nespresso pods seem to be safe, but below we’ll cover any potential health risks you may want to consider.

After all, Nespresso pods are made of aluminum, which is then heated up by really hot water.

Are Nespresso pods toxic?

Since Nespresso pods do contain aluminum, some people worry that the capsules are toxic.

In fact, some people want to know the following:

  • Are Nespresso pods carcinogenic?
  • Do Nespresso pods have chemicals?

The truth is that no government health board or organization has found any of those things to be true.

So no, Nespresso pods are not toxic, carcinogenic, or have chemicals that get into your cup of coffee.

Anything that may be present in the capsules has already been deemed to exist in non-toxic amounts by regulatory agencies.

Are Nespresso pods BPA free?

Yes, Nespresso pods are BPA free.

There is no BPA or other types of Bisphenols in Nespresso capsules.

Nespresso pods are fully compliant with applicable regulations on materials intended to come into contact with food (EU, FDA, etc).

Is Nespresso water tank BPA free?

Yes, the Nespresso water tank is BPA free.

This is true of all Nespresso machines.

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Do Nespresso pods leach aluminum?

Due to the foil that covers Nespresso pods, some people have concern that the aluminum gets into the coffee, and then the body.

No, Nespresso pods do not leach aluminum.

The pods have a coating, which is food-grade level, designed to prevent this from happening.

Is Nespresso mold free?

Yes, Nespresso is mold free, so you don’t have to worry about that.

They have very strict quality controls on moisture content throughout the Nespresso supply chain to prevent the growth of mold so that Mycotoxin is effectively eliminated.

Does Nespresso coffee contain acrylamide?

No, Nespresso coffee does not contain high levels of acrylamide.

Acrylamide is a common component that naturally forms in cooked products, such as bread, chips and cookies.

Acrylamide levels in coffee are below references values set by the European Commission and are therefore not a concern.

In fact, Nespresso coffee is always below those levels. (source)

Do Nespresso pods contain plastic?

No, Nespresso pods do not contain plastic.

Nespresso capsules are made from aluminum – the best material to protect the freshness and quality of their coffee, which has the additional benefit of being recyclable.

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Does Nespresso coffee increase cholesterol?

Diterpenes are fat-soluble compounds which are naturally present in the oil derived from coffee beans.

The diterpene compounds cafestol, and, to a lesser extent, kahweol, naturally found in coffee oil, which in unfiltered coffees, may induce an increase of cholesterol in your body.

Final Word

As you can see, Nespresso pods are completely safe and do not pose any known health risk.

There is also no evidence that Nespresso capsules are toxic or carcinogenic in any way.

You also do NOT need to worry about the aluminum in the Nespresso pods being harmful.

image: Joe Shlabotnik/Flickr CC 2.0

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