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How To Make Cold Foam For Coffee

If you’re a coffee lover, then there’s a high probability that you drink Starbucks coffee.

The company enjoyed tremendous success with its hot foam coffee toppings.

But, there’s a new trend that seems to be gaining traction amongst coffee lovers the world over.

And that is cold foam coffee. 

Its mostly served on top of cold coffee drinks such as iced coffee, iced cappuccinos, and cold coffee brews.

And, I am about to share the secret to making your own cold foam coffee at home.

Use a frothing machine. It can be an electrical frothing machine or a handheld machine.

Froth low fat milk and add a sweetener of your choice.

The process should take around 20 seconds or so.

The cream will get noticeably thicker but not to the consistency of whipped cream.

It will be more airy and light. Pour the cold foam over an iced coffee beverage.  

What is cold foam coffee

Cold foam, as previously mentioned, is usually poured over an iced coffee brew.

Half and half cream, skim milk, milk, or whipping cream are frothed until the consistency of the milk turns to a frothy consistency.

The froth is made without heating up the milk.

The consistency of the froth will depend on the type of milk being used.

Vanilla syrup is usually added to the froth to make it more sweet.

A liquid sweetener usually works best in this recipe.

Alternatively, granulated sugar can also be used.

Or, if you are a diabetic, a sugar substitute will also do the trick. 

The froth slowly melts into the cold beverage and has a delicious, creamy taste that transforms the taste of the beverage.

Unlike hot beverages, when cold foam is added to a cold drink, it sits on top of the drink and can be enjoyed by spooning it off or mixing it into the drink. 

Types of milk that can be used

You could basically use any type of milk. But the type of milk will definitely determine what the end result will look and taste like.

I’ve tested various types of milk and personally find that low-fat milk produces the best cold froth. 

But, don’t take my word for it.

Try out different types of milk for yourself and see what tastes best for you.

Heavy cream, whipping cream, and half and half all produce a much richer, cloud-like consistency.

The froth has more body, is thicker, and much more creamier than other types of milk.

Skim milk and low fat milk will create a lighter froth that contains larger bubbles.

If you are vegan, then you could also use almond or rice milk to create a froth.

Keep in mind though that the consistency of the froth may not hold up for very long. 

Different types of frothers

Yes, we are going into that much detail.

There are various frothing machines available on the market to help you achieve the perfect froth for you cold coffee beverage. 

Electric milk frothers

This kitchen tool uses electricity. It’s easy to use and is relatively inexpensive.

If you love drinking froth on top of your coffee, then this is a very good investment for you. 

An electric milk frother will aerate the milk and create a thicker consistency depending on the type of milk.

The purpose is to transform the milk into a foamy consistency. 

A built-in coffee machine milk wand

These brothers are usually connected to professional-style coffee machines.

But, don’t be fooled.

It is an art to create the perfect froth. You may need to try it out a few times before you get it right. 

I used to work as a barista and I can personally tell you that it does take some skill to get it just right. 

Jug frother

A jug frother is more versatile than the other frothing machines.

It can also heat up the milk while it is being frothed.

This type of frother is usually used to add froth to a hot drink.  

How to make cold foam coffee

This is a simple, effective, and fast recipe to make cold foam milk in under two minutes.

For this recipe, I recommend using half cream and half milk as well as honey.

But, you could substitute these ingredients for any type of milk or sweetener.

Remember, as I previously stated, that the consistency and creaminess will depend on the milk being used. 

In addition, I recommend using a handheld frothing machine.

These are relatively inexpensive and available in most stores or online. 

Step One

Prepare your iced coffee beverage.

Allow it to cool down and set aside. 

Step Two

Use a steel cup and pour in half creamer and half milk.

The amount will depend on how many drinks you are preparing the froth for.

My advice is to do it in batches. You don’t want to overfill the steel cup.

I usually use a guesstimate.

But start with a quarter filled cup.

Don’t be too concerned if you don’t get the quantities right.

This is such a quick and simple recipe that you should be able to make a second batch in no time.

Using the frothing machine, froth the milk until the consistency starts to change.

You want to see small, even-sized bubbles form.

The longer you froth, the more creamier the result will be and the smaller the bubbles will become.

It should take around 20 seconds.

If you don’t feel that the consistency is thick enough to your liking, simply keep frothing until you get the desired results. 

Step Three

Transfer the froth onto the cold beverage using one spoon full at a time. 

If you want to add a sweetener to the froth, add it to the milk in step two and froth the ingredients together.

You could make a flavored cold froth by adding:

  • Pumpkin spice syrup
  • Vanilla syrup
  • Honey
  • Granulated sugar
  • Brown sugar

Final thoughts

This is a very simple and straight forward recipe that anyone can make.

The amount of sweetener will depend on how sweet you would like the cold froth to be. 

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