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Best Camping Coffee Maker for Morning Java (2024)

When it comes to brewing coffee outdoors, a camping coffee maker is a must-have item – even if you’re making coffee without fire.

These portable and compact coffee makers are specifically designed for people looking to enjoy a fresh cup of coffee while camping, without sacrificing quality or flavor.

There’s no shortage of camping coffee makers on the market, with a variety of designs to suit different preferences and brewing methods.

Whether you’re a fan of pour-over coffee, classic percolators, or even French press, there’s an option out there for you.

We’ve put in countless hours researching and testing various camping coffee makers to help you find the perfect one for your outdoor adventures.

So, let’s dive into our top picks for the best camping coffee makers and start your day off right, even when you’re miles away from home.

Best Camping Coffee Makers

I’ve gathered the top camping coffee makers for your convenience.

Enjoy your outdoor adventures with a fresh cup of coffee using one of these fantastic options.

GSI Outdoors Percolator Coffee Pot

GSI Outdoors Percolator Coffee Pot

The GSI Outdoors Percolator Coffee Pot is a reliable choice for campers who want a dependable and versatile coffee maker.


  • Durable, heavy-gauge steel construction
  • Even heat distribution for better coffee brewing
  • Unbreakable resin cap for viewing coffee as it perks


  • Requires some practice to perfect brewing technique
  • Diameter of the coffee cup is smaller than the pot
  • Latch for the coffee deposit may require extra effort

I recently used the GSI Outdoors Percolator Coffee Pot on a camping trip, and it proved to be an excellent companion for my caffeine needs. The enamelware pot is suitable for any campsite, cabin, RV, or even a farmhouse kitchen, ensuring that I could enjoy my morning cup of joe no matter where I was. Built from heavy-gauge steel and sporting a speckled enamel finish, this coffee pot is designed to withstand scratches, chipping, and harsh outdoor environments.

One thing I noticed while using this percolator is its three-ply construction, which provides even heat distribution for effective coffee brewing. This feature allowed me to get the best out of my coffee grounds and ultimately enjoy a better-tasting cup. Another useful feature is the unbreakable resin cap, which enabled me to view the coffee as it perked – something I find quite fascinating and enjoyable.

However, I did encounter a few challenges with the GSI Outdoors Percolator. First, it took me some practice and trial runs to perfect the percolating process and achieve a consistently good cup of coffee. Additionally, the diameter of the coffee cup is smaller than that of the pot itself, which may cause grounds to seep into the coffee when boiling rapidly. Lastly, the latch of the coffee deposit required a bit more effort than I would have liked.

All things considered, the GSI Outdoors Percolator Coffee Pot has both its charms and quirks. If you’re willing to put in some practice to master the percolating process and handle the minor drawbacks, this coffee maker can be a valuable addition to your camping gear.

Stanley Perfect Brew Pour Over Set with Camp Mug

Stanley Perfect Brew Pour Over Set with Camp Mug

The Stanley Perfect Brew Pour Over Set is an excellent choice for coffee lovers who want a reliable and easy-to-use camping coffee maker.


  • Durable stainless steel construction
  • Reusable filter – environmentally friendly
  • Easy to clean and use


  • Coarse grind needed for optimal brewing
  • Potential for gritty coffee if not used properly
  • Slightly tricky to clean in a camping environment

I recently had the opportunity to use the Stanley Perfect Brew Pour Over Set with Camp Mug on a camping trip, and it quickly became my go-to coffee maker. The stainless steel design is not only stylish but also ensures long-lasting durability, making it perfect for outdoor adventures.

It’s simple to use – just add the desired amount of coffee into the filter, place it on top of a cup or coffee mug, and slowly pour in hot water. The stainless steel filter excellently extracts the coffee’s aromatic oils and subtle flavors, creating a delicious brew every time. As an environmentally friendly option, the reusable filter eliminates the need for paper coffee filters, ultimately saving money in the long run.

However, it is essential to use a coarse grind for the coffee as too fine a grind can lead to inadequate pressure during brewing and potential for a grittier coffee. This might take some experimentation to find the perfect balance, but it’s worth the effort for a perfectly brewed cup of coffee in the great outdoors.

Furthermore, cleaning the coffee maker can be a bit tricky, especially in a camping environment. Rinsing it thoroughly by hand right after use will help maintain its cleanliness. Even though it requires a little extra attention, the overall ease of use and excellent taste of the coffee it brews make the Stanley Perfect Brew Pour Over Set with Camp Mug a standout option for camping coffee makers.

GSI Outdoors 30 Fl Oz JavaPress

GSI Outdoors 30 Fl Oz JavaPress

This reliable camping coffee maker is your perfect choice for mess-free and delicious French Press coffee.


  • Lightweight and shatter-resistant
  • Double-walled, insulated lid for heat retention
  • Water-resistant nylon sleeve with handle


  • 30 fluid ounces capacity may not be enough for large groups
  • Manual operation requires more time and effort
  • Reusable filter may require more cleaning

I recently took the GSI Outdoors JavaPress on a camping trip, and I have to say, it really made my mornings enjoyable. The lightweight, BPA-free design made it easy to pack and carry, and the shatter-resistant construction ensured it survived the rugged outdoors.

What I loved most was the top-notch press filter design which produced delicious French Press coffee every time. And when the coffee was ready, all I had to do was hold the base and lower the plunger gently. The double-walled, insulated lid certainly kept the coffee hot longer, making my mornings brighter with each sip.

The JavaPress also comes with a water-resistant nylon cloth sleeve that has a handle, making it easy to hold without burning my hands. The sleeve also added an extra layer of heat retention to keep my coffee hot and fresh.

However, there were a few minor downsides. If you’re camping with a large group, the 30 fluid ounces capacity may not be enough, so you may need to make multiple batches. Also, as a manual press, it does require some time and effort, especially when you’re eager for that first cup of coffee. Lastly, the reusable filter may take extra cleaning and maintenance, but it’s worth it for the incredible coffee it produces.

All in all, the GSI Outdoors 30 Fl Oz JavaPress is an excellent addition to any camping gear for those who appreciate a great cup of coffee in the great outdoors.

Eureka! Camp Café Coffee Maker Set

Eureka! Camp Café Coffee Maker Set

I tried the Eureka! Camp Café Coffee Maker Set, and it’s a great investment for avid campers who value quality coffee with a group.


  • Fast boiling kettle with Flux Ring technology
  • 12-cup carafe capacity for a group
  • Clever nesting design for portability


  • Plastic lid may not work well with high heat
  • Not well insulated, coffee cools quickly
  • Filter basket could be designed for better flow

I got the chance to use the Eureka! Camp Café Coffee Maker Set on my last camping trip, and I was impressed by how fast the kettle could boil water. The patented Flux Ring technology on the 2.5-liter kettle made a noticeable difference, and it really sped up the process for our group.

The pour-over filter holder and 12-cup carafe were suitable for serving our crew, and we all appreciated the quality coffee the Camp Café Coffee Maker produced. The filter holder and carafe conveniently nested inside the boiling kettle, making it easy to transport and store.

However, I noticed that the plastic lid didn’t seem to handle high heat too well. I’d suggest being cautious when using it on a camp stove. Additionally, the carafe isn’t insulated, so the coffee cooled quickly which was a bit disappointing. I also found that the filter basket could use some design tweaks to improve the flow of coffee through the two small holes at the bottom, but overall, the functionality was decent.

Jetboil Silicone French Press Coffee Maker

Jetboil Silicone French Press Coffee Maker

I highly recommend the Jetboil Silicone French Press Coffee Maker for its flavor, portability, and versatility – if you have Jetboil stove.


  • Smooth, rich coffee flavor
  • Lightweight and compact design
  • Usable for steaming fish or vegetables too


  • Compatibility limited to specific Jetboil models
  • The silicone ring may require checking for a secure fit
  • Requires separate purchase of Jetboil-compatible cups

When I tried the Jetboil Silicone French Press Coffee Maker, the first thing I noticed was how it brewed a brilliant cup of coffee. The high-temperature plastic and micro-filter reduced sediment, giving me a cup of Joe with smooth and rich flavor.

I took it on a camping trip, and I found it very easy to transport due to its lightweight and compact design. The stem and basket detached easily, making it easy to fit in my Jetboil stove. I didn’t need to worry about packing additional cookware for this trip.

It wasn’t just great for making coffee; the Jetboil French press turned out to be quite versatile! I experimented with it, steaming some fresh fish and vegetables. To my surprise, it worked effectively, saving me time and making my outdoor cooking experience more enjoyable.

The only drawback I faced was not having Jetboil-compatible cups since those are not included and needed to be purchased separately. Additionally, I had to double-check the silicone ring for a secure fit to prevent coffee grounds from slipping through while plunging.

Overall, the Jetboil Silicone French Press Coffee Maker offers a fantastic outdoor coffee experience while also providing extra functionality for campsite meal prep. If you have a compatible Jetboil model, I highly recommend picking up this nifty gadget to elevate your camping adventure.

Buying Guide

When it comes to choosing the best camping coffee maker, there are a few key features you should consider. To make sure you find the perfect one for your needs, let’s discuss some important factors.


Since you’ll be using it outdoors, consider how easy the coffee maker is to carry around. Look for compact and lightweight designs that can easily fit into your backpack without taking up too much space.


Your camping coffee maker should be able to withstand the demands of outdoor use. Durable materials like stainless steel, aluminum, or heavy-duty plastic are ideal choices. It’s also a good idea to look for one with a sturdy and stable base to ensure it doesn’t tip over during use.

Brewing Method

There are a few different brewing methods to choose from when it comes to camping coffee makers. Some popular options include:

  • French press: Known for its rich and full-bodied flavor, this method involves adding coarse coffee grounds and hot water to a cylindrical container, letting it steep, and then pressing the coffee through a filter.
  • Pour-over: This method entails pouring hot water over coffee grounds held in a cone-shaped filter. It produces a clean and vibrant cup of coffee.
  • Percolator: A percolator brews coffee by cycling boiling water through coffee grounds using gravity or pressure. It can produce strong, bold coffee.

Consider which method you prefer and choose a coffee maker that accommodates it.


Think about how much coffee you’ll need at once while camping. If you’re brewing for multiple people, a larger capacity coffee maker may be more suitable. For solo trips or smaller groups, a single-serve or smaller-capacity option should suffice.

Ease of Use

When you’re camping, the last thing you want is to fumble with a complicated coffee maker. Look for one with a straightforward design that’s easy to operate and clean up after brewing.

By taking into account these important factors, you can confidently select the best camping coffee maker for your outdoor pursuits. Happy camping and enjoy your java in the great outdoors!

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