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Sumatra Coffee: What You Should Know

Everyone loves a great cup of coffee, and more than a few of us would like to know where our coffee comes from and how it is made.

If you are to better understand the way that coffee works its way through the supply chain and ends up at your table in the morning, you need to have a little background on the different types out there.

Today, here at Little Creek Coffee Company we want to look at Sumatra coffee in particular and see which properties of this type of coffee make it uniquely wonderful and deserving of being in your cabinets. 

Where Does This Coffee Come From? 

Sumatra coffee originates from a set of islands known as the Sunda Islands.

There is a chain of islands that arise off of the coast of Indonesia out in the Indian Ocean.

sunda islands

This is an ideal place to grow coffee beans because of the warm tropical weather that floods through the entire region.

People pay good prices to sample beans that come from here, and that is why Sumatra coffee remains a popular choice with many people out in the world.

They understand that it produces something that cannot be manufactured just anywhere.

In fact, the area is so famous for producing amazing coffee beans that it is known as the “green belt” for the amazing conditions that make it possible to grow something like this. 

Why Does This Coffee Stand Out? 

Aside from where it is grown, what makes Sumatra coffee so special?

Different people have different opinions about this, but it is undeniable that one of the things that make Sumatra coffee so beloved by so many people is the fact that it is manufactured differently from South American or East African beans.

Those coffee beans are wonderful in their own right, but they are different from what you get with the Sumatra coffee beans.

With Sumatra, you can enjoy a taste of coffee that is refined in a way that differs greatly from anything that you have ever tasted before.

Many who enjoy a taste of Sumatra coffee say that it is more flavorful than other available coffees, and that is a very big deal to them.

They want to savor something that is different from what their taste buds are already used to.

Getting a coffee that doesn’t quite taste like anything else you have ever tried before is truly a treat that you don’t want to miss out on.

The earthy and chocolaty tastes of these coffees is something that makes them very beloved by a great number of people.  

What Is The Flavor Like? 

The best way to describe what people say about the taste is that it is somewhat akin to chocolate.

It is not as sweet as chocolate to be sure, but it has a flavor that reminds people of chocolate and the earth at the same time.

This is a unique taste profile that you don’t get with most coffees, but Sumatra is simply not like most coffees.

Once you understand this fact, it becomes a lot easier to see why people love it so much.

It is truly unique, and it takes them into a whole different world when they sip it.

They will never again want to go back to drinking the types of coffee that they used to enjoy once they have had the wonderful experience of sipping the Sumatra coffee.

If you have yet to try it yourself, you need to get on that so you can see what all of the fuss is about. 

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