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Why Does My Nespresso Machine Make So Much Loud Noise? (And How To Make It Quieter)

If you’ve got a Nespresso machine at home that you’ve been using for a while, then you may have noticed over time that it has gotten louder.

This is a common problem that owners of Nespresso coffee machines encounter.

The good news is that this problem has an easy fix.

The bad news is that if you don’t fix it, then the noise level of your Nespresso machine continues to increase and get louder and louder.

Ready to fix this problem? Let’s dig in.

Why Your Nespresso Machine Is So Loud

Nespresso machines don’t start off being super loud.

Sure, some Nespresso machines are quiet compared to other models, but overall they are not super loud.

But, all Nespresso machine owners know that over time, the noise level really starts to rise.

To give you an example, below is a video from someone on Reddit who complained that his machine has gotten so loud that it wakes the entire house.

This type of noise level is not normal for day to day operation, but it does happen over time.

So, what’s the problem that is causing all this loud noise?

It is limescale build up in the machine, which means that you need to clean it.

Specifically, you need to descale your Nespresso whenever it starts making loud noises.

Now, depending on how long you waited to clean your machine, it make take you more than one attempt at descaling the Nespresso machine before the noise level reduces back to a normal level.

Fixing A Loud Nespresso Machine

Since limescale build up is likely the culprit for your loud Nespresso coffee maker, fixing this issue is super easy.

You really have two options here.

You can purchases the Nespresso-branded descaler to clean the machine.

Or, you can use white vinegar to descale the machine.

We have a guide on descaling a Nespresso machine here.

But, if you prefer to use the descaler product sold by Nespresso, then you can buy that at Amazon and watch the video below for instructions on the process.


Final Word

As you can see, it is completely normal for your Nespresso machine to start making noises after regular use.

This is a result of limescale build up, which will happen more frequently if you live in an area with hard water and use tap water to fill the machine’s water reservoir.

Fortunately, to remedy the loud noises coming from your Nespresso coffee maker, you just need to descale the machine using either white vinegar or a descaling kit from Nespresso.

7 thoughts on “Why Does My Nespresso Machine Make So Much Loud Noise? (And How To Make It Quieter)”

  1. I’ve tried descaling and cleaning multiple times but it has no effect on the sound of the machine. Google searches indicate that the ball bearing in the machine is most likely the cause of the excessive noise, but it’s near impossible to get a replacement bearing (I’ve tried) and Nespresso is of no help. Does anyone know where to get the replacement ball bearing for the Vertuoline machine?

  2. Descaling is not going to solve the noise issue. Period … full stop. It’s the bearing that’s noisy. I descaled two Nespresso machines, which was a complete waste of time. I bought new bearings and replaced them — now, they’re as quiet as a new machine.


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