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Does A McDonalds Frappe Have Caffeine?

If you like to indulge in a McDonald’s Frappe, then you may wonder if it has caffeine? 

The short answer to this question is yes, because all frappes have either espresso or coffee in them. 

However, it is important to explain more. 

You see, any type of frappe has caffeine in it. 

The reason is that a frappe is a type of coffee, and all types of coffee are caffeine-based. 

In other words, whether one gets a frappe from McDonald’s or a fancier place, there will be caffeine in it.

Now, a better question to ask would be as follows. 

How much caffeine does a McDonald’s frappe have? 

The answer is, it depends on the type of frappe one gets, as well as the size of it as well. 

For example; let’s say that one gets a large frappe at McDonald’s. 

This will obviously have more caffeine in it than a small frappe. 

Then let’s say that one gets a small frappe. 

This will, of course, have less caffeine in it than a large one. 

However, it is also important to talk about different types of frappes too. 

At McDonald’s, there are different types of frappes that can be ordered. 

Based on the kind of frappe, the caffeine amount can definitely be higher.

For example; let’s say that one orders a frappe at McDonald’s, called a Mocha Frappe. 

This not only has a lot of caffeine, but it also depends on the size of what one orders as well.

As stated above, McDonald’s Frappes do contain caffeine and the amount of caffeine varies depending upon the flavor and size.

For example, the Mocha Frappe contains 100 mg of caffeine for a small, 125 mg of caffeine for a medium, and 180 mg of caffeine for a large.

Other Frappe flavors contain 75 mg of caffeine for a small, 90 mg for medium, and 130 mg for large. 

In short, the frappes not only have caffeine but the amount is based on the size and type of drink that you get.   

Moreover, it is important to talk about the benefits and setbacks of caffeine in McDonald’s frappes as well. 

Is The Caffeine In McDonald’s Frappes Bad For You?

As looked at above, McDonald’s does have caffeine in its frappes. 

As such, people should be aware of this, as caffeine can be either good or bad. 

On one hand, caffeine can aid in increasing one’s energy. 

An example of this would be needing to stay up late to finish homework, a paper, or to study.

As such, this is where a late-night McDonald’s frappe could be beneficial. 

At the same time, though, over usage of such a beverage could lead to higher heart rates, people becoming more jittery, etc. 

These are some examples of the benefits and dangers of a McDonald’s frappe that may have a lot of caffeine. 

This is why people should consider what they are putting in their bodies. 

In short, while McDonald’s may not always be known for its quality, sometimes people tend to forget what they put in their bodies when it comes to caffeine drinks. 

As such, caffeine is not bad, but moderation is the key to ensuring that one is not overdoing it.

As for me, I have sometimes gone to McDonald’s to get a frappe, but I am careful not to overdo it, and I am cautious as to what I drink. 

As I said, moderation is key.

mccafe frappe

Does a Frappe Have Coffee In It?

Yes, as stated above, a McDonald’s frappe does have either coffee or espresso in it.

That’s where the caffeine comes from.

Here are the typical ingredients in a frappe:

  • ice cubes
  • milk
  • espresso or strong instant coffee
  • a bit of water
  • a coffee syrup for flavor

These ingredients are then blended in a blender to give you that milkshake-like consistency that you know and love.

They’re actually really easy to make at home using the ingredients listed above.

Does McDonald’s Have a Decaf Frappe?

No, McDonalds does not offer a decaf or caffeine-free frappe option.

So, if you are sensitive to caffeine or just want to avoid it, then you cannot drink any of the McDonald’s frappes.

However, some frappuccinos at Starbucks are caffeine-free.

How Much Coffee is in a Frappé At McDonalds?

Unfortunately, McDonalds does not disclose how much of a frappe is actually coffee, or even what percentage of the drink is coffee.

They only go on record to state that frappes consist of just a “hint of coffee.”

That being said, you can use the caffeine content found at Caffeine Informer to estimate how much coffee is in each size.

  • Small frappes have between 0.8 and 1 cup of coffee in them
  • Medium frappes have between 1 and 1.3 cups of coffee in them
  • Large frappes have between 1.4 and 2 cups of coffee in them

Why the varying amount? Because it depends on the frappe flavor that you order.

Note that the McDonald’s Mocha Frappe has the most coffee (and caffeine) of all the current frappe flavors.

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