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What You Should Know Before You Shop For Coffee

There are only two coffees in the world, Coffee Robusta or Coffee Canephora and Coffee Arabica. Three-quarters of all the coffee sold in the world are Coffee Arabica. Coffee Arabica is a higher grade of coffee bean, while Coffee Robusta is a lower-grade of coffee bean.

The manufacturer of coffee beans means that the beans must be moved and transported several different times to finish the processing and then stored for many weeks some times years before arriving on your shelves at home.

Another thing that you may not be aware of is that coffee beans, no matter what brand or where they originate are aged and years old before you put that bag of beans in your shopping cart.

The “freshest” coffee beans that you think you are buying are old beans unless you buy your coffee beans directly from the grower in which case the beans are a year old or less.

If you think you buy the greatest of coffee beans, grind the beans at home and brew one of the freshest cups of coffee going you are sadly mistaken.

Even going through this process means you are drinking coffee made from old beans. If you feel you are drinking the freshest and most full-bodied cup of coffee you have not tried drinking coffee from beans less than a year old and bought directly from the grower.

When you buy coffee beans directly from the grower who exhibits the proudest of their coffee beans and has an unparalleled passion for excellent coffee, you indeed purchase and make the freshest cup of coffee your money can buy.

Store brands of coffee beans, no matter how expensive the coffee sells for, cannot compare to Kona coffee for many coffee drinkers.

When you want to buy Kona coffee, this means that you are buying coffee that is grown and produced from the North and Southernmost Kona Districts on the Island of Hawaii. Kona coffee is made from the Coffee Arabica bean, and Kona is the market name.

Kona in Hawaiian means, a lovely village, beautiful woman, or lovely lady. Products, especially coffee coming from this area of Hawaii are Kona products. Thus Kona coffee gets its name and depicts a beautiful cup of coffee. This Kona coffee displays all the characteristics of the finest gourmet coffee.

Kona coffee is one of the most expensive coffees in the world. However, the taste of this coffee cannot compare to the many other coffees in the marketplace today that you tried in the past.

If you love a cup of good coffee you may consider yourself a coffee connoisseur, but indeed have something to learn from those that truly are in the know about coffee brands and types especially the Kona coffees.

There are so many brands and varieties of coffee that sometimes it is hard to decide on what to buy. If you choose to buy Kona coffee directly from the grower in Hawaii, you know beyond a doubt that you are buying the best and freshest coffee bean in the world.

When shopping at a store for high-quality coffee, there are so many brands that it makes your choices quite difficult. It is only the serious, coffee connoisseur who opts to buy their coffee from an excellent grower, who has a track record of accomplishing the growing and processing of undamaged, high-end whole coffee beans.

Yes, you may pay a bit more for this gourmet coffee. However, the taste is pristine and cannot compare with coffee made from old coffee beans.

The process of which a great Kona coffee is produced depends substantially on,

  • The soil
  • The type of fertilizer used during the growing process
  • The amount and degree of the sun
  • The water type and amount used while growing the beans
  • The assurance that pickers pick only ripe beans
  • The elevation of the fields
  • Only undamaged beans are used in the process

The excellent Kona coffee produced in Hawaii has all of the above assets and depends on every aspect of this process, from pulping, fermenting, grading, hauling, sorting, washing, and storing of the beans, with no transporting of the beans to multiple companies.

Remember, there are over 50 Kona brand coffees but the Kona coffee grown in the State of Hawaii has all of these compelling assets to offer you the consumer prime Kona coffee, from the North and Southernmost Kona Districts on the Island of Hawaii.

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