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How To Put A Cork Back In A Wine Bottle

There are days you want to drink a whole bottle of wine.

However, you want to save yourself from the dreaded hangover due to work or some other assignments on some days.

In most cases, you will not drink an entire bottle of wine in one sitting.

But what happens when you don’t consume the whole bottle at one time?

It’s not advisable to leave your wine open after you’ve finished drinking it. Instead, you should cork the bottle.

The most challenging part is reinstalling the cork in the wine bottle, which might be tough for certain people.

You end up destroying the cork if you aren’t careful when resealing your bottle.

The following are some of the methods you can use while recorking a wine bottle:

Method of Tilt and Turn

When you use a corkscrew to open your wine bottle, your cork is more likely to stay in good shape.

As a result, with a bit of effort, you’ll be able to re-cork the wine bottle.

The most crucial thing to do is inspect the side of the cork inside the wine bottle.

The side of the cork initially in the bottle should still be the side that goes back in the bottle.

The rationale for this is to keep any dirt out of the wine.

Steps to follow

  • Set your wine bottle in a secure place, so it doesn’t spill when you’re recorking it.
  • For one side of the cork to go first, the wine bottle must be titled. Then, place the cork so that it is resting on the mouth of the bottle.
  • Turn the cork while it’s on the wine bottle’s lip and push it down to make sure only one part of the cork slides in slowly.
  • Now, while keeping the bottle steady, press the cork in further to ensure the cork is inserted entirely into the wine bottle.

Wrap the cork with waxed paper

You can use waxed paper to help you re-cork the wine bottle if your cork is not freely entering the wine bottle’s mouth.

The waxed paper reduces friction between the cork and the bottle.

Typically, you put wax paper around the cork.

You need wax paper that is the same length as the cork to cover the cork completely.

Steps to follow

  • Place the wax-wrapped cork in the mouth of the wine bottle.
  • Avoid twisting the cork as you push it down the bottle since it will end up untied.
  • After a strong push, make sure the larger half of the cork is in the wine bottle.

Use a paper towel

In some instances, you might end up damaging the cork when opening the wine bottle, or it might get lost in your room.

That will not award a chance to leave your wine bottle open because you can use a paper towel to seal your wine bottle.

You can have your paper towel wrapped and serve as a cork.

The paper towel will be a solution while you try to relocate your wine stopper or a cork.

Steps to follow

  • Get a towel paper and fold it to get the desired width.
  • Roll the folded paper towel from one of the short ends to get a cork shape.
  • Check the size of the bottle to make sure it will fit, and if necessary, clip some extra parts off. It should be slightly more extensive than the neck of the bottle.
  • Cover the outer end of the towel paper cork with tape and wrap the entire bottle’s mouth with tape to keep it safe.
  • With the paper towel cork well wrapped in tape, push it down against the bottle’s mouth, rotating it around until it fits perfectly.

Use the wine stopper

A wine stopper is also helpful in ensuring that your wine bottle is adequately sealed and protected from contamination.

Therefore, you should have wine stoppers in your room to easily re-cork your wine bottle.

Another fantastic feature of wine stoppers is that they come in various styles, including plain and elegant.

A wine stopper serves the same purpose as a wine cork. And you use the same procedure as the wine cork.

Pulling the cork when stuck in the bottle

The cork of a wine bottle frequently becomes caught in the bottle’s opening when opening or while re-corking the wine bottle.

You can use the following procedures in dealing with that problem:

  • To avoid spillage while removing the cork, ensure you place the wine bottle in a stable position first.
  • Locate some fundamental tools that you can use to press the cork out. For example, you can use a fork, pen, metal, and spoon.
  • After removing the stuck cork, filter the wine to remove broken pieces of cork.

The length of time your wine will last depends a lot on how effectively you reseal your bottle.

If you open a bottle of wine and don’t finish it, make sure to re-cork it using one of the above-listed ways.

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