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Americano vs Black Coffee: What’s The Difference?

Americano and black coffee are essentially the same type of coffee drink, which is black coffee without cream and sugar.

The difference is how each one is brewed using a different method.

The difference in taste comes from one using espresso, a strong coffee bean vs. the traditional coffee grind.

The result for those that drink the beverage is that they notice a big difference in taste between the two types of coffee. 

About Americano Coffee

Caffe Americano means American coffee in Italian.

It began during World War II when Americans diluted espresso with water to make a cup of coffee.

The normal ratio is 1:1 but there are different variations on the recipe.

The shots of espresso are put into a cup and equal amounts of water.

It is a bold flavor because of the type of coffee bean used for brewing it.

Coffee shops started serving espresso shots to customers and filling up the cups with hot water.  

A well-made cup of Americano will have the cream or foam on the top as it has not been over-diluted with water.

It is low in calories and some coffee lovers will add milk, crème, and sugar. 

How is An Americano Made?

You need an espresso machine, and it is made using one or two shots of espresso to six ounces of water.

There are different ratios of coffee to water depending on how the coffee is made.

The hot water should come from the espresso machine but does not have to.

It can be made by first pouring the espresso shots into a cup and adding hot water.

You can start with the hot water in the cup and then add one or two shots of espresso.

When you use the second method, start with hot water and add the espresso shots after, it produces a nice foam on the coffee or crema.

Many customers like the second method better than the first. An Americano is a strong coffee because of the caffeine in it.

It has about 100 to 150 milligrams depending on the number of shots, one or two. 

It is recommended if you make this coffee drink you will need a grinder to grind the beans and an espresso maker.

Espresso needs a fine grind to make a good cup of Americano.

If you get single-origin beans, your coffee will seldom be bitter. The drawback is you need specialized equipment to make this coffee. 

About Black Coffee 

It is brewed from a regular coffee bean and is served in a mug or cup with no milk, cream or sugar added.

There are many ways to make plain black coffee: a French Press, an automatic electric drip coffeemaker, a pour over pot, and even a pot that uses pods like the Keurig.

It is made using ground coffee and hot water those are the key ingredients.

It is easier to make than Americano and does not require specialized equipment.

You can buy coffee already ground at the supermarket or coffee shop and make it to your liking by trying different measurements of coffee.

When you want strong coffee, you will have to buy a dark roast or beans that gives the coffee a bold or strong flavor.

For weaker black coffee, you will want to use light or medium roasts.

Black coffee is low in calories and good for dieting.

How is Black Coffee Made?

The expert or coffee connoisseur will say that the best method to use is to buy your own beans and grind them.

You can use about three tablespoons per cup with a filter and hot water for a truly quality cup of black coffee.

Another way to make black coffee is to use ground coffee and a drip coffee maker.

You will need a filter and about one tablespoon of coffee per cup for a drip maker.

Use 1 cup of water per cup or mug that you will be making.  

Drip coffee makers use different filters, so make sure you have the right kind.

When you use a Keurig you need a coffee pod, coffee mug and water and it will dispense the right amount of water and give you a decent cup of black coffee.

Black coffee brewed correctly will taste sweet and not bitter.

Depending on how strong the beans are will be the determination of how much caffeine is in it. 

These are the differences between American and black coffee and the most distinct difference is the strength of the coffee due to the type of beans used. 

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