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Unique Types Of Vodka

Vodka is one of the most popular liquors in the world because of its taste as well as the plethora of varieties available worldwide. Many brands offer unique types of vodka, which have become favorites of their customers. They are unique because of distilling processes, flavors, composition, bottle design and many other reasons. This article will give a little more insight into unique vodkas and what makes each so special.

Square One Cucumber Vodka
If this name sounds unique, that is because its flavor is unique as well. This 80 proof vodka has a delicious and crisp cucumber taste, which along with its mid-range price, makes it a great choice for vodka lovers. This product is derived from rye and it will not disappoint with its unique flavors.

Absolut SF Vodka
From the creators of a great vodka brand, Absolut now offers a new product with a unique flavor. The SF variety is a flavored vodka that contains a fruit mix of dragon fruit, papaya and grape, which is delicious as well as unique enough to make the list. It is also 80 proof and costs around $25 for a 750 ml bottle. Many vodka connoisseurs like this because the fruity flavor does not upset the base taste of vodka.

Russian Standard Gold
This unique vodka comes from Russia and is special because it is made with ginseng, which gives it a unique zest of spice that one cannot find in a regular vodka. Although this vodka is a little more expensive than the others already mentioned, it is worth it because of its smooth, full taste. It is also 80 proof or 40% alcohol and is packaged in a nicely designed bottle.

UV Vodka
This unique brand offers several great vodkas, which are a little different than the norm. The newest is a sangria flavored vodka that is full of flavor while retaining a great vodka taste. Some of the other vodkas from this brand that are unique and delicious include UV Vanilla, UV Bombcicle, UV Grape and UV Coconut. Depending upon the vodka lover’s favorite flavor, any one of these will be sure to impress them. This brand is distilled in the United States.

Vodka is a great base for so many cocktails. By using any of these unique vodkas, a party host can add pizazz to fabulous drinks and impress his or her guests. No matter if a connoisseur is looking for something with spice or something sweet, vodka is the perfect liquor, which offers so many unique varieties and flavors.

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