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How To Fix: Ninja Coffee Maker Starts Then Beeps 5 Times (SOLVED)

Are you just trying to get that morning caffeine fix only to have your Ninja Coffee maker go on strike by starting up and then beeping five times without finishing?

You’re not alone with this Ninja Coffee Bar problem.

You see, those five beeps are the machine’s way of letting you know that something isn’t right with it.

But we have to do a bit of troubleshooting in order to determine what’s wrong and how to fix it.

Reasons Why Your Ninja Coffee Bar Is Beeping 5 Times

The Ninja Coffee Bar is an easy-to-use and versatile coffee machine with a number of brew modes and personalization features.

Unfortunately, it is prone to malfunctions, just like any other household device.

The machine starts, beeps five times, and then fails to brew is a regular complaint from consumers.

The most frequent causes are as follows:

ninja coffee maker

Water Reservoir Not In Right Place

There is a safety feature on the Ninja Coffee Bar that prohibits it from brewing if the water reservoir is not properly positioned.

If the machine beeps five times, the water reservoir is either missing or improperly installed.

Before you start brewing, double ensure that the reservoir is in place properly.

Drip Stop Is Closed

When the drip stop is in its closed position, coffee will not spill onto the warming plate, a useful feature of the Ninja Coffee Bar.

The machine will beep five times to indicate that brewing is not possible since the drip stop is closed.

If your coffee isn’t dripping, check to see if the drip stop is open.

The Machine Is Dirty Or Clogged

Another typical cause of the Ninja Coffee Bar’s 5-tone alarm is a buildup of coffee grounds or dirt inside the machine.

The machine will sound an alarm if the brewing cycle is interrupted for any reason.

Maintaining a clean coffee machine is essential for avoiding this.

Heating Element Is Malfunctioning

The Ninja Coffee Bar will beep 5 times to indicate a faulty heating element.

This is because the brewing machine can’t get the water hot enough.

Contact Ninja’s support staff for help if the heating element is malfunctioning.

Too Much Water In The Reservoir

Another, less typical, cause of the Ninja Coffee Bar’s five-tone alarm is an overfilled water reservoir.

Too much water in the reservoir will prevent the machine from brewing, and it will beep to let you know.

Make sure the machine’s water level is within the specified range.

Ways To Fix This Beeping Issue

Now that you know what might be the blame for that annoying beeping, it’s time to get started implemented some of these troubleshooting tips.

What you have to do to fix it depends on what is responsible for the problem.

Check The Water Reservoir

Making sure the water reservoir is in place and has water in it is the first order of business.

The machine will not brew and will beep 5 times if the water reservoir is not in the right place.

Before you start brewing, check sure the reservoir is in position and that there is enough water in it.

Check The Drip Stop

The drip stop is another common source of the beeping noise coming from your Ninja Coffee Bar, so be sure to check it.

In the event that the drip stop is closed, the coffee will not drip into the carafe, and the machine will sound an alarm.

Make sure the coffee is flowing freely by opening the drip stop.

Clean Your Ninja Coffee Maker

Take a close look at the machine – have you let it to go the point that it is beyond dirty?

If yes, it’s time to give it a clean.

To restore optimal performance, run a cleaning cycle to clear out any obstructions and a descaling solution to get rid of any mineral buildup.

It’s also important to keep the filter clean to avoid any clogging issues.

Inspect The Heating Element

The heating element must be checked because it is what brings the water to the ideal brewing temperature.

The machine may sound an alarm consisting of five beeps if there is a problem.

Make sure the heating element is working properly by testing it.

In that case, you may want to get in touch with Ninja’s support team.

Restart The Ninja Coffee Maker

It may be necessary to restart the machine in order to resolve the problem.

To restart the brewing process, unplug the machine, wait a few seconds, and then reconnect it to the power source.

By doing so, you can reset the device and fix any small problems that may have been triggering the alarm.

Check The Power Outlet

If none of the aforementioned solutions work, you may need to investigate the machine’s power supply.

Make that the machine is properly hooked into the power outlet and that the power source is working.

Check Your Warranty And Contact Ninja Support

Get in touch with Ninja for maintenance if everything else fails.

Whether or not your Ninja Coffee Bar is covered by a warranty should be checked before you shell out money for repairs.

All Ninja coffee makers come with a one-year limited warranty.

It’s important to remember that it doesn’t pay for things like regular wear and tear.

Keep in mind that your coffee maker first needs to be registered with Ninja before you can make a warranty claim or request support.

Final Word

We know that it can be frustrating and puzzling if your Ninja Coffee Bar beeps 5 times but does not brew.

You can get your coffee maker back up and running in no time, though, if you know some of the most common reasons why this occurs and the steps to take to fix it.

Make sure the water reservoir and drip stop are full, clean the machine, inspect the heating element, and restart it if necessary.

Following these instructions will ensure that your coffee comes out perfectly every time from your Ninja Coffee Bar.

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