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How To Get Rid Of Coffee Stains In The Carpet

Are you wondering what to do about that coffee stain in your carpet? The immediate thought is to find someone who can clean it up, like Prestige Specialist Cleaning in Bristol. However, if you’re in a rush then there are ways that you can try to get rid of the coffee stains on your own.

Time is of the essence when it comes to coffee stains on your carpet. The moment you see a stain on your carpet, try cleaning it immediately using a wet towel. As you clean the carpet, start with the periphery of the stain towards the middle to avoid spreading the stain to unaffected areas.

If you are late in cleaning the stain, worry not. Here is a glimpse of some of the DIY tips you can use to get rid of coffee stains in the carpet:

1.    Blot the area which has been affected by the coffee so that it can absorb the coffee as much as possible.
2.    Next, using a spray bottle, sprinkle some water on the stained area and blemish with a clean piece of cloth.
3.    Repeat the process till all the stain has been removed.
4.    If there is still stain on the carpet, apply some detergent or soap on the affected area. Make sure you rub the fibres gently between your fingers and avoid pressing too much because it might worsen the stain on the carpet.
5.    If the stain is fading, rinse the carpet by spraying some clean water on it
6.    At this point, the stain should be gone. But what if it persists? That is the time to use other options such as shaving cream or baking powder.
7.    Start with the shaving cream. Rub the shaving cream to the coffee stain with a clean piece of cloth. Remember: you have to rub it gently to avoid damaging the carpet.
8.    Rinse off the shaving cream using fresh water.
9.    If that doesn’t work, try using baking powder.
10.    Mix the baking powder with water to make a paste.
11.    Apply the paste to the area affected with the coffee stains. Rub it gently and allow it to dry.
12.    Once it is dry, vacuum it away.
13.    In most cases, baking powder is effective. However, there are times when the stain persists, and you have to think of other ways. At this point, you can try using vinegar mixed with water.
14.    Sprinkle the mixture of vinegar and water on the stained area.
15.    As in the other steps, blot the area with a clean cloth till the stain disappears.
16.    Rinse the area with clean water.
17.    Once the stain is gone, place some paper towels or pieces of paper on the stained area. To make sure all the water is absorbed, step on it or use some force so that the water is completely absorbed.
18.     Leave it to dry and then vacuum it to make sure the carpet’s texture is preserved.

With the above steps, you can clean your carpet with the no problems. Also, you can use things such as salt, beer, ammonia, hydrogen peroxide, meat tenderizer, club soda, paint remover, lemon juice and baby wipes among more.

Nevertheless, if the DIY tips don’t work on your stains, you can always use a commercial cleaner. If that doesn’t work, find a carpet cleaning service to help you remove the stubborn stains. And, for more information, please visit various websites to give you more tips on cleaning your carpet.

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