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Coffee Grinder Usage Tips

A lot of people like coffee, but for those who really love coffee, they want the best they can get. The way to do that is to buy the beans and grind the coffee yourself. Once ground the aroma, and the taste, starts to fade away no matter how well sealed it is. Coffee experts say the best way to get the full flavor out of that bean, is to grind it when you are ready to brew some coffee. Grinders come in different shapes and sizes though, and using it properly is very important. If you do not grind the coffee correctly, you lose the advantage of grinding in the first place. You may of course just buy already ground coffee, but if you want to have an even better version of your morning ritual, a grinder would probably take it to the next level. Here are some tips on how to get the most out of your coffee beans with a grinder.

Types of grinders. There are two types of grinders, burr grinders and leaf grinders. Most people agree the burr grinder is the best for the most consistent grind. A burr grinder uses two flat plates that break up the coffee bean by squeezing it.  Burr grinders crush the bean and do it fast so there is no heat buildup. Blade grinders are more common, but tend to not be as consistent.

Making the blade work.  If you do want to use a blade grinder, you can get more consistency by running it through the grinder more than once. This may cause some heat buildup and can scorch the coffee, so be careful. You can also use a “pulse” method by turning it on and off quickly, which can grind the beans up more finely.  A manual blade grinder is sometimes more consistent, but requires more time and effort.

Manual or electric. This is more a matter of personal taste, but a manual grinder gives you the most control, and you are not dependent on electricity. Electric grinders do a fine job though. it really just depends on personal preference.

Grind only what you need for right now. When you grind coffee, there is a great aroma, but that is flavor escaping. Pre ground coffee may have lost all or most of that by the time you get the bag home. When beans are ground, oils escape when exposed to air, and with that goes the deeper flavors of the coffee. For the absolute best coffee, brew the coffee as quickly as possible after you grind it. if it is possible, pour the ground coffee directly into the coffee maker you are using as soon as it is ground. Remember, the longer you wait, the more flavor will fade away.

Know your grind. It is important to match your grind with the type of coffee maker. Just grinding it up fine may not always be the best answer. A coarse grind is good for a French press or percolator type pot. A medium grind is good for drip coffee makers. Fine is best for expresso. There is also a very fine grind that makes Turkish coffee, but usually requires a specialized grinder. Using the correct grind will make your coffee great, but using the wrong grind will be worse than not using a grinder at all.

Cleaning and care. Keep your grinder running smoothly by keeping it clean. Brush away excess rounds and wipe out the chamber every few days. This will keep a residue from developing. Do a detailed cleaning every few months to keep everything operating smoothly. Remove stuck beans from the grinder. You don’t want stale beans in your coffee. Keep it dry to keep the coffee itself dry.

Timing. Sure there are settings on most grinders that tell you how long to grind the coffee, and some do it automatically. But you know what you like, and that is the real measure. Observe what tastes best to you and you can adjust your time as you go. Depending on how fine of a grind you want, it could take from six to 15 seconds on most cases, Find your own area where it tastes best to you.

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