Coffee Beans Descriptions & Pricing

Little Creek Coffee Co. offers a large selection of flavored, decaf, light, medium and dark roast coffee beans from around the world.

Cost of Coffee Beans

1# of Beans

excluding Kona
$  15.00 1 lbs.

1# Kona Beans

$  38.00 1 lbs.

1/2# of Beans

excluding Kona
$  7.50 1/2 lbs.

1/2# Kona Beans

$  19.00 1/2 lbs.

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Light Roasts

Light Roast Coffee Beans

Ethiopian Yirgachaffe (Natural Process FTO): A naturally processed, full-bodied coffee with a silky mount feel and intense fruit sweetness. A treasure from the birthplace of this coffee.

Mexican (FTO): A smooth easy drinking coffee with a spritz of citrus balanced by a lingering richness.
Breakfast Blend (FTO): An easy drinking cup of Central American coffees. Light and sweet, nutty and

Runner’s High (FTO): This is one of our longest running blends, popular for its hints of vanilla, baked pumpkin bread and hazelnut. Combining medium to lighter roasts of three of our most enduring single-origin coffees — Ethiopia Sidama, Colombia Fondo Paez and Guatemala CCDA— Runner’s High is a euphoric burst of energy in a cup. Recommended brewing methods include French Press, manual drip, or whatever else you might be able to pull off at mile 20.

Breakfast Blend (FTO):  An easy drinking cup of Central American coffee.  Light, sweet and chocolaty.

Nicaraguan(FTO): A fully washed roast with notes of barley malt, hazelnuts and tobacco.



Medium Roasts

Medium Roast Coffee Beans

Black and Tan (FTO): Spicy, bold, deep earth and chocolate, with a touch of smokiness. Seven Provinces: Round flavors with sweet chocolate, earth, hazelnut and a berry acidity.

Seven Provinces (FTO): Round flavors with sweet chocolate, earthy, hazelnut and berry acidity.

Little Creek Blend (FTO): Expertly crafted blend of South and Central American coffee beans. It’s smooth and lively brightness is complimented by a hint of spice. This coffee is the perfect complement to a delicious pastry.

Bike Fuel (FTO): This lovely blend combines light, medium and dark roasted coffee from Ethiopian Uganda and Indonesia. An Electrifying blend sure to get your motor running. This coffee is 100% organic fair trade.

Peru (FTO): gale of spicy tiramisu and sugar snap peas opens the door to this coffee’s remarkable sweetness. Its syrupy and milky body paints a scene of dulcet confection, bouncing from chocolate covered bananas to pecan pie, from salted pumpkin seeds to carrot cake glacé. Throughout the finish and amidst a balanced acidity, the sweetness continues; nutmeg and gingerbread wisps hailing this sweet, savory roast to crisp autumn days.

Santa Rosa (FTO): Grown in the western highlands of Honduras.  Prime attributes of dry fruit and caramel; sweet and smooth.

Dark Roasts

Dark Roast Coffee Beans

Sumatra (FTO): Dark chocolate and caramel with a smokiness that intertwines with sweet earth.

French Roast (FTO): Intense, silky dark roast made from a blend of Central American coffees.

Maya Superdark (FTO): One of our darkest roasts. This coffee hails from the Maya Vinic cooperative in the
highlands of Chiapas Mexico.

Kona (FTO): One of the world’s most sought-after beans by coffee connoisseurs. Taste the full rich flavor of 100% pure Kona and experience the magic of the Kona Coast yourself. Our 100% Pure Kona has a medium to full body with mild acidity. We buy our Kona direct from the Kunitake Farms in Hawaii.

Blackjack Blend: our dynamic blend for pulling amazing shots of espresso. We carefully crafted a blend of coffees that make a shot of espresso with generous crema, honey-like body, balanced acidity and red granite color. It also make an amazing cup of drip coffee.

Electric Monkey (FTO): Electric Monkey is a perfect blend that can be used for brewed coffee or lattes. It is full of roasted nut flavors and subtle sweetness reminiscent of Panna Cotta. Its evolution on your palate from sweet to acidic makes it wonderful as a straight espresso or cup of coffee. You will revel in the flavors of roasted nuts, vanilla, honey and amaretto.

New Orleans Blend (FTO): Brazil, chicory and dark roasts blended for a nostalgic taste of the South.

San Marcos (FTO): High grown in the region of San Marco, Ocotepeque, Honduras.  Prime attributes are nutty, caramel, tobacco, sweet earthy tones, savory and robust.

Decaffinated Roasts

Dark Roast Coffee Beans

Decaf Brazil: Dark chocolate with smooth, velvety texture.

Decaf Black and Tan (FTO): Spicy, bold, deep earth and chocolate, with a touch of smokiness.

Decaf Mexican (FTO): We sourced a fantastic Mexican coffee with its caffeine removed with nothing but pure water. It is roasted on the darker side so it's smooth and clean with wonderful notes of chocolate and a low acidity. Great taste and aroma, not a lick of caffeine.

Decaf French Roast (FTO): Intense, silky dark roast made from a blend of Central American coffees.

Decaf Fool's Gold (FTO): For those who love coffee but prefer to avoid caffeine.  Featuring two coffees selected for their smooth and nutty taste,  we assure that you will not find a better decaf.

Decaf Santa Rosa (FTO): Grown in the western highlands of Honduras. Prime attributes of dry fruit and caramel; sweet and smooth.



Flavor Descriptions

All flavors are Fair Trade Organic (FTO)

Caramel Vanilla: Sweet caramel and creamy vanilla flavor

Coconut: Rich, freshly shaved coconut pieces

Hazelnut: Crisp, crunchy hazelnut flavor

Northwoods Grogg: A mix of butterscotch, hazelnut and caramel flavors

Purple Haze: Fresh blueberries with crisp hazelnuts.

Vienna Cinnamon: Vienna roasted coffee with a touch of cinnamon